About Us

Gemintang Prima Mineral is an Indonesian-based mineral exploration and mining development consultancy. We specialize in the exploration of gold and base metals, resource and reserve estimation, feasibility study, and other related work.

Energized by our extensive experience and competent experts, we provide tailored solutions to make value-adding mineral discoveries and assist companies with strategic decision-making, both at a technical and board level.


to be a leading and sustainable Indonesian mineral exploration and mining development consultancy/company that uses global standards and high-calibre professionals to create value for the stakeholders and society.


To create sustainable value for our stakeholders where we operate through the development of profitable solutions and a commitment to safety, social, and environmental responsibility. 

To provide professional and reliable solutions built on our extensive experience in mineral exploration and mining development.


Every company decision – from engaging in new projects to hiring a new employee – is guided by our principles:



We are honest and professional in our dealings with each other.


Respect for People and the Environment

We treat our stakeholders, our employees, and the environment with respect and place a high value on creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and dialogue.



We are results-driven and strive for excellence in everything we do.



We are committed to the highest working and management standards to ensure the long-term growth of the business and the achievement of our long-term targets.

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