Project Locations: Bengkulu, South Sulawesi, North Maluku, West Java, West Sumatera, Maluku, South Kalimantan, West Nusa Tenggara  

Mineral Resources and Ore Reserve Estimation

Gemintang Prima Mineral (GPM) conducted the preparation and estimation of mineral resources and ore reserves of gold and base metals, including but not limited to exploration data verification and validation, geological and block modeling, geostatistics, and mine scheduling. GPM also conducted the mine infrastructure assessment, including ore processing designs and project economic valuation in compliance with the industrial Codes (KCMI, SNI, or JORC).

Gemintang Prima Mineral


Data verification and validation

Resource Estimation

Geological, block modelling and geostatistics

Mining Assessment

Ore processing designs and project economic valuation 


Mine design and scheduling


Project Photo

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